I.D. Project : Projectfurnishings & Concepts.

Each member of the I.D. PROJECT team is specialised in a particular segment of the company’s vast range.

Although they are offering their products and services on different markets, the close collaboration within the team allows them to keep abreast of the latest developments on the contract and furniture market.

We concentrate our attention on the hotel market, the health care market and the educational furniture and furnishings market. Our true strength lies in our in-depth product knowledge and our expertise covering each of these markets!

Each team member works within his or her own field, but regular work meetings guarantee a smooth exchange of data… a real mental enrichment!!

Every project starts with a thorough needs analysis by our commercial staff followed by a preliminary project proposal. The support of our interior design specialists is of paramount importance at this stage.

Our back office, the administrative heart of the company, deals with data calculation, processing and ordering, while our logistics team is responsible for the near-perfect production and transport planning.

All financial matters are entrusted to our bookkeeping and financial departments. And our well-oiled after-sales service deals with any minor problem that might occur during this entire process. This solid internal structure allows us to give our very best to each and every project.’

The I.D.PROJECT team